Cai Lun, a Han Dynasty court official, is regarded as the inventor of paper in AD 105. Even though early forms of paper existed, he improved the process by adding pulp from tree bark to scraps and rags.

Since then, paper making techniques have developed immensely. It was not until the 19th Century that the process we know today was invented.

Our paper ribbon and cord products are made from FSC certified sources.


Manufacturing Process

The FSC certified wood is debarked and converted into wood chips.

The wood chips are blended to a pulp to release the cellulose (the main compound found in plant cell walls). Different additives (chemicals, dyes) are required to create a specific paper quality. The pulp solution is flattened onto a mesh screen, dried and cut into sheets or rolls.

Our knitted paper ribbon and cord products are made from cutting very fine paper strips from the paper sheets or rolls. These fine strips are then twisted before being processed into the final product.

Recommended for:

  • Packaging Ribbon
  • Bag Handles

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Our paper ribbon and cord products are certified to the

  • Forest Management Certification (FSC)
  • Our Paper cord complies with REACH standards, earning certification as chlorine-free.

End of Life

Our paper ribbon can be recycled.

We advise and promote the re-use of our products to help reduce the environmental impact we all have on the planet.

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