PLA (Poly Latic Acid) is one of the many different types of plastic like products which are derived from plants, called bio-plastics. In the field of Bioplastics, PLA is one of the most widely adopted in the economy and can be used in a wide variety of applications; from cups to cutlery and even yarn. To produce our PLA ribbon, we have opted to use Ingeo PLA which is produced by a leading manufacturer of PLA, called Nature Works.


Manufacturing Process

PLA is produced from plants high in starch (glucose), such as corn, cassava, sugar cane or beets. These plants are harvested, and their glucose content is converted into a substance called dextrose, through a process called hydrolysis. Microorganisms are then introduced to ferment the dextrose into lactic acid, which is then polymerised to produce PLA.


Great for:

  • Wash care label ribbon
  • Packaging ribbon

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End of Life

Ingeo holds compostable certification for industrial composting. Should Ingeo not make it to an Industrial composting plant then it will not release volatiles and produces low amounts of residue when incinerated whilst producing higher amounts of energy when compared to cellulose based materials. Should Ingeo end up in landfill then peer reviewed studies have shown that no statistically significant quantity of methane is released.


Yarn Certifications

  • Din Certco Industrial Compost
    TUV OK Biobased; 4 Star

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