We have been offering this range for over twenty years, and it continues to provide an economical sustainable alternative compared to non-sustainable options.

Our acetate 750YY yarn is produced by American company Eastman, under the brand name Naia™

The acetate yarn is made from Pine and Eucalyptus trees that are FSC and/or PEFC certified.


Manufacturing Process

The Pine and Eucalyptus trees are debarked and converted into wood chips. The chips enter a digester that contains acetic acid (the main constituent of vinegar). This solution turns the wood chips into a pulp and aids the release of cellulose (the main compound found in plant cell walls).

The cellulose is dissolved in acetone (this chemical is commonly found in nail varnish remover) and it is this reaction that causes the cellulose to become a thick liquid. The acetone used is recycled back into the system for reuse, creating a closed loop step.

This thick liquid is passed through a filtration system (to remove any impurities) before being extruded to make filament, which in turn makes the yarn.

Recommended for:

  • Packaging Ribbon
  • Rosettes

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Eastman Naia™ Yarns are certified to the following

  • Forest Management Certification (FSC)
  • Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
  • TUV OK Biodegradable; Marine
  • TUV OK Biodegradable; Soil
  • TUV OK Biodegradable; Water
  • TUV OK Compost; Home
  • TUV OK Compost; Industrial

End of Life

At this present time we have not tested any finished products to the same biodegradable or compostable standards as Eastman.

We advise and promote the re-use of our products to help reduce the environmental impact we all have on the planet.

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